We Got RAIN!

Not much, under a quarter of an inch but it was RAIN!  The monsoonal flow has finally arrived in western Colorado.  Rain is predicted for the next several days, not large amounts but 30% or so.  Even that small amount will help here as it is so dry and it will help to kill hte heat.  Temperatures have been hanging out around triple digits for two or three weeks.  The rain last night dropped the temperature from 85 to 66 in short order.  It was welcome relief.

Yesterday we finally met up with Walt and Yvonne Scheer, friends we have know for many years and who went with us to Port Isabel two winters ago.  They are Work Campers in Clifton at the RV Ranch RV Park.  It was wonderful to see them again.  Walt has started flying RC airplanes and it was fun learning about a new hobby.  We will all go fly the planes and kites one of these days.  One of the best parts of our lifestyle is getting to see friends and family we probably wouldn’t get to see if we still had a non-movable house.

This weekend we plan on helping the Parish’s with they yard.  The sprinkler system doesn’t seem to be doing a good job of watering the grass so I will readjust it and try to get it working better.  Today Linda is going to lunch with a teacher she worked with in Rifle.  This is their second lunch out together.  The Lavender Festival, who knew lavender was a good crop here in the valley, is in full bloom.  Perhaps we will check it out.  Then on Sunday we plan to go to Rifle for church and friends.  Our friend Edie has a new filly, born on Presidents Day, named Abagail that she wants us to meet.  We will also spend time with Bob, Korine and family.  There are so many people in Rifle we want to see it is hard to find time for all of them.  We decided this year to go to Rifle every other Sunday because fuel is so expensive.  That is really making our time there more precious.

Enough for now, need to get busy on some chores around the house and get started on the day.  We hope your days are filled with joy, family and friends and peace.


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