Weather Yoyo

The weather has changed again.  We had been having really good weather then it turned cold and wintery.  Then it changed back to warm for a couple of days and now has turned cold and windy again.  It will be this way for a couple of days and then back into the upper seventies.  I know, I know, quit your bitching.  It could be as cold as where you are.  Just remember we came here because we wanted to be in a warmer clime during the winter months.

On a separate note, our friends Bab and Barry Mathews have left for Arizona.  DSC_0192They are from Victoria, Canada and can only stay in the US for six months.  They have many friends here in Port Isabel and friends in Arizona near Yuma.  So we get to see them for a while then they move to visit their AZ friends.  At least we get them for a while.

Speaking of seeing them for a while, Stacey and her friend Gomer came down from Chicago to spend Christmas with Sue, Steve, Sam, Caren and the kids.  We really enjoyed meeting Gomer and seeing Stacey again. DSC_0177 Gomer and Steve playing a round.


Stacey and Lacey each getting some attention

Their time here was way too short.

We often see things here we never see anyplace else.  Yesterday we saw a star fish on the beach.  Actually we had gone to the beach because a friend had told us that thousands had washed up because of the storm.  By the time we got there they had all been washed back into the Gulf or picked up by someone else.  Last week we saw a cargo ship coming up the Brownsville Ship Channel on it’s way in to take on cargo.  DSC_0186

Three days later I saw it leaving headed for who knows where.  It is always fascinating to know that ships are always going to some place you would never think about or coming in from some far and exotic place.  They are full of mystery, with endless possibilities.  Somewhat like or lives I think.  Maybe that is why we find them so intriguing.

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