What are we doing here??

Snow and Cold

It was ten degrees this morning. Again. Day before yesterday it snowed almost all day. There was little accumulation but still, it snowed most of the day. What are we doing here!?

Oh yes. I remember!

Sienna Nichole was one month old on the tenth

I am so excited about the world around me. There is so much to learn.

I am much more alert now and fun to play with.

Look how big I am now!

I am such a beautiful girl. I look like my Mommy!

Did I tell you I love my Daddy?

Sienna is growing as you can see from the pictures. She makes staying in the cold worth it. The promise of seeing all of our children together at Christmas time adds to our resolve. There is nothing like family and friends to fill your heart with joy. May you be surrounded by those you love and may you always be blessed with good friends. May you life always be interesting.

L c}’-)


What are we doing here?? — 2 Comments

  1. I wondered when you’d get around to posting some pictures–about damn time! She’s a cutie alright, can’t wait to meet her. I’m sure you’re enjoying every minute you can.

    I can commiserate about the bad weather–yesterdays high was 10. Not nice, and very little sunshine. It’s supposed to warm back up into the 30’s and we feel it’s good weather now. I’m starting to think we will be heading south soon tho.

    Stacy & Gomer may get to come home for Thanksgiving, hopefully the baby will be born by then. Caren is feeling very due! We’re all looking forward to it. They are hopefully coming to Texas for Christmas too–we’ll both have wonderful family times–the way it should be. Keep in touch and put up more photos!

    • Hi Sue:

      Sorry. Thought I had posted some pictures earlier but I guess I was too busy to notice the omission. I will try to post more soon.

      Glad all is going well with you as well. Let me know when you leave for Port Isabel, I may have some things to send with you, after all we are “on the way”.