Winter in deep south Texas

The weather here has changed dramatically this week.  We went from 80’s to 40’s overnight when a strong cold front blew in from the north.  This is the same storm system that created travel difficulties in the west and is now creating havoc in the east.  This morning is the first day in the last four that there have been any golfers out on the course.  You know the weather is bad when that happens.  Combined with the colder temperatures we have also had sustained winds in the mid to upper twenty mph range all week.  Add in high humidity and the wind chill has been near thirty degrees all week.  Not nearly as pleasant as we would hope to have.

In other news, Linda has gone to Colorado for her parent’s 70th Anniversary.  What a great model they are for the rest of us following in their footsteps.  There was a party this last Saturday that was well attended and well appreciated.  Linda had flown to Dallas last Wednesday and met up with Lori and the kids.  They rented a minivan and left for Colorado on Friday.  The above mentioned storm front came through just in time to make for icy roads and hard traveling most of the way to Amarillo and beyond.  After sixteen hours on the road they made it to Colorado Springs for the night.  Linda found a room at a Marriott Hotel with two king beds and a hide-a-way bed for $87, including all taxes and fees.  Included was a hot breakfast for all six the nest morning.  What a great bargain!

Saturday morning they were on the road again early and made it up to Denver, then across the passes to Fruita without much incident.  The rental car refused to cooperate.  The windshield washer kept freezing up, even after the stopped and had new fluid to replace that from Texas.  It helped some but still continued to freeze.  Yesterday the key fob refused to open the car and the brakes started grabbing and pulling to one side so this morning the replaced it with a different minivan.

The current plan is to start driving home tomorrow, the day before Thanksgiving and get back to Dallas on Friday. Then on Tuesday Linda will fly back here to Port Isabel.  Of course all of that is subject to change at the drop of a whim.  Everybody seems to have been enjoying themselves.  Bill and Summer and Sienna came up from Flagstaff, Bob and Korine and Dottie came down from Parachute.  Debbie flew in from Great Falls, MT.  And more came from all over to make a great party.

I have been keeping busy keeping house.  I have done laundry twice so far, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned the kitchen and tried to keep the house in order.  I had plans to wash and wax the trailer this week but the weather has prevented that.  I did get our golf cart running with Steve’s help.  Thanksgiving will find me at Sue and Steve’s or at Ed and Jennnie’s, wherever they decide.  I was also invited by two families from church.  It is nice to have people who are so friendly and inclusive in our lives.  As you have heard me say before, it is the people in our lives who make all the difference.  I am thankful for them.

Sue showed me a very interesting link that I think all of you would enjoy.  It is a series of maps depicting the world in ways we seldom see it.  Take a look here and let me know what struck you the most.  There is also a new page Entitled “This we have learned” on the menu bar at the top of the posts.  The first entry is by Ron and Kay Kuschel.  It is quite humorous to those of us who RV because we can read between the line and perhaps you can too.  I will add more to it from time to time.  I am also working on a new page with pictures of when I wan on the USS Morton DD-948 but it is not quite ready for publication at this time so check the menu bar from time to time.  You never know what else might show up there.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.  We only have two rules for our grandchildren when they visit:  1 Be safe, 2 Have fun.  They apply to you too my friends.

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