Wonderful month in Flagstaff

Hello out there! Sorry I have been so negligent in posting here. We have been enjoying our time with our family and spending as much time as possible with them so have not been on the computer very much this month. Let me try to bring you up to date.

Sienna is growing in size and in understanding her world daily. She is so much more alert and active now. Standing up has become her new hobby. Of course she still has to be supported but she loves to stand in your lap and look around. If you try to hold her with her face toward your shoulder and snuggle with her she struggles to get turned around so she can see. When someone comes in her field of view she watches them and often times smiltes real wide with recognition. Bill and Summer are doing well too. Sienna started sleeping all night over a month ago. Bill has gone back to work after taking six weeks of family medical leave and Summer will go back after the first of the year after twelve weeks of leave. They have been very fortunate to have that much time with Sienna before returning to work.

We hare doing well too.  It has been colder here than what we like, this morning it was one below.  About mid December we got over twenty inches of snow and a lot of it is still on the ground.  It has snowed several times this month.  That  is going to make moving the trailer out of here interesting to say the least.  Tomorrow morning we are headed out toward Wylie to spend a week helping Lori and Ryan after Jade’s ankle surgery.  She has an extra bone in each ankle.  Last year one was removed and now it is time to remove the other one.  Then we will finally head to Port Isabel and some warmer weather for the winter.

This was the best Christmas we have had in years.  Bob and Korine and all the kids, Lori and Ryan and all the kids and Bill and Summer and Sienna and Larry and Linda.  With all the kids.  The first time in nine years the whole family has been together for Christmas.  Everybody is here for a whole week.  What a gt time.  Bob and Lori rented a three bedroom house for the week just two doors down from Bill and Summer.  It was a little pricey but not near as expensive as motel rooms for twelve.  We are just a quarter of a mile down the hill from them so we are all close.  Every night we got together for supper and laughter.

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